Professional Tennis Court Washing

It's that time of year again....the outdoor tennis season is about to get into full swing.  Now is the perfect time to wash your tennis court(s).  Remove dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other grime from your court.  Restore your court's grip and reduce the chance of slip and fall related injury.  Preserve your investment and your courts' surface.  Are you repairing a crack or other imperfection?  Remove surface impurities to improve the performance and longevity of the repair.  Prevent those repairs from being required in the first place?  Preventing cracks also reduces the cost to resurface when it is eventually necessary.  Eco Worx Pressure Washing uses cleaning techniques that are safe for your court.  Our process cleans without leaving ugly streaks and swirl marks.  Eco Worx Pressure Washing uses the latest technology and techniques that that are safe for the environment, including the landscape, lakes, and streams around the court.  Give us a call for a free consultation at 678-672-7914.

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